Mrs. Hamilton

Hi, My name is Andrea Hamilton. I have the great privilege of introducing your HCS student(s) to the world of art. Here is a little about myself. I have three children who attend HCS, from high school to elementary. This will be my third year on staff and I look forward to many more. My husband of 23 years and children all attend Hilltop Church and love our Hilltop family. I am thankful to have known the Lord as my personal savior since the age of 8 years old. I truly feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, talented group of people here at HCS. I look forward to an amazing year here in the art room!

Welcome to Art!

We are having a blast in ART this year. So far we have learned about the 7 elements of art. We have learned many techniques from color mixing, shades and value. To Motifs, complex and simple patterns. We have studied many different artists and types/styles of art, from folk art by Heather Galler to Van Goughs Starry Night. Students are getting s understanding of where the artist originated  from and why the created the art they did. They listen to sounds of Italian music while painting the works of Dutch painter Van Gough. Students will have a understanding of art from around the world as we study many of the artists from Degas and Picasso, to DaVinci and Monet.  I enjoy each day  bringing a joy and love of art to the classroom and to see the kids creating their very own masterpieces!