At HCS, we use a curriculum chosen from Christian publishers to offer biblically integrated and academically rigorous classes. Our classes are taught by qualified teachers who have a deep desire to help students grow spiritually and academically. Our teachers use this curriculum as well as projects and activities to develop in students a broad-based knowledge, critical thinking skills, creativity, and a firm moral foundation.

Each year, 1st -11th grades take a nationally-recognized standardized test. Our students perform well and consistently above the national average. We continue to use these scores to analyze and improve our curriculum and instruction. Generally, over 90% of our recent graduates enter college following graduation. They have been accepted at many colleges and universities, including the ones listed here.

Our campus offers a well-maintained library, a science lab, and other spaces that facilitate academic and elective classes. Technology is integrated into the classroom, lessons, and projects to enhance student learning.

HCS believes that the pursuit and knowledge of God, “in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3), constitute the foundation of true learning. Students are taught that truth is not relative, but is absolute, and is revealed through the principles of God’s Word.

It is our hope that our academic offerings will be a blessing to the Christian parent as we work together to impart truth to young minds.