Challenging Academics, Critical Thinking, & Proficient Teachers

  • Teachers challenge students with high academic standards that develop achievement, deep understanding, and high cognitive thinking.
  • Teachers utilize a direct instructional approach to help students achieve mastery.
  • Using a variety of methods in the classroom offers diverse learners more ways to engage in the classroom.
  • Teachers’ high expectations inspire students to understand their abilities and achieve at a high level.
  • Instruction that strives for deep understanding, not just lower level learning, develops thinking students.
  • Electives, technology integration, and special events expand student’s learning beyond core academics.
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Biblical Worldview, Character Training, & Social Development

  • Curricular instruction aims to build students’ biblical literacy and equip them with the skills to apply biblical truth to everyday living.
  • Responsibility training develops student’s with lifelong skills for school success and adulthood.
  • Character training improves students’ abilities to interact socially with love, kindness, and meekness.
  • Structured classroom environments are conducive to learning, and they give children a safe atmosphere to learn.
  • Chapel services, missions emphases, and community service projects teach children to become engaged spiritually.
  • Godly school culture accustoms children to understand the spiritual and social blessings of a Christian environment.


Weekly Electives & Yearly Events

Music classes

PE class

Art class

Library class

Chapel services

Field Day (4th-6th)

Field trips

NCCSA Fine Arts Competition (3rd-6th)

Service projects

Community Helpers Day